Online Bonus Slots

Most of the online gaming software suppliers offer 3 reel classic slot game in a straightforward no frill format. Most online bonus slots are single payline and the only element which they maintain is a multiplier icon or symbol. However, the Vegas Technologies have departed from this process. Within the online bonus slot game category it has further formed a sub category known as three reel bonus slot. This type of online slot game has a bonus game available on the 2nd screen. These classic slots without any bonus game are grouped under the three reel slot.

There are about 8 games listed under the three reel bonus slot games in online casinos at Vegas Technology. In most online slots games the bonus games on the 2nd screen is structured. The visual treatments are different based on the various gaming themes. Two conditions are available for the establishment of bonus games on 2nd screen. The initial condition is, the player should wager with 3 coins and it must be the maximum. We cannot trigger out the bonus game by just wagering with 1 or 2 coins. The major symbol related to the classic bonus slots theme is designated as bonus symbol. The symbol must be available on the payline. It can appear on any of the 3 reels.

Once after activating the bonus game the payout table available above the reel is cleared in order to develop a 2nd screen. Here in this online bonus slots about 9 items of object appears on the screen. Again all these objects are linked to the slot game themes. The player must pick an item from the nine available items and this reveals the bonus amount. The players of the game can either reject or accept this offer and can pick another item from the remaining 8 items. If the player selects the latter choice then he must forgo the initial choice. Now again the players can either reject or accept the 2nd choice, but if the player rejects again then he is constrained to admit the bonus offered in third pick.

An Olympic themed classic bonus game is Go for Gold theme. Here the bonus symbol in the game is Olympic torch. The 9 items available on 2nd screen in the game is gold medals with logos of various Olympic sports stamped on them. The Turkey time theme in slot game represents thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie represents the bonus symbol in this game. The items present in the 2nd screen are turkeys. When the turkey symbol is selected it eventually turns to a tasty roast dish. In case of the Mexican theme Piñata Fiesta, the visuals sequence available is more elaborate. The bonus symbol of the game is Pinata. While we trigger the bonus slot game, 3 characters eventually displays with Pinata.

Wheel of chance forms the classic bonus game where the entire bonus game varies. Here the bonus game symbol is Wheel of chance. While we activate the bonus game, the wheel starts to spin and hence offer bonuses.

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