Parlay Betting System

Among other betting system, parlay betting system (which is also known as - let-it-ride betting system) is the most popular one in case of playing blackjack. Here, players are used to bet all of their winning on each progressive bet. As parlay betting system follows positive progression strategy, it is a very safe way to make wagers and any you can use any sized bankroll in this system.

If you are familiar with the compound interest betting system of blackjack, you will found the similarity of parlay betting system with it. Since players has to bet all of their winning on the following progressive bet, their next wager will be the sum of their previous winning and the original wager of that bet. Due to this nature of raising wager, parlay betting system is also known as pyramid betting system. Perhaps a simple example will clear the basic concept of parlay betting system. Suppose you have placed a $5 worth bet for one hand in blackjack and won that hand; according to parlay system your winning would be $5+$5=$10 and your bet for the following hand will be $10. Similarly if you won this bet as well your winning would be $20 and the same amount goes for the next bet. The best thing about parlay betting system is - its flexibility. Players are not bound to bet all of their profit. If you think; betting the original $5 along with 50% of the profit is safe for you, you are free to do it.

No doubt that the parlay system is very beneficial for winner however, if you lose your original bet - you are allowed to continue by betting the original amount of wager only. There is also a caution for winner and that is - you need to know where to stop when you are on a winning streak. Since most of the player bets 100% of their profit, there is a possibility to lose all of the winning.

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